What to Expect

What to Expect

At Come2Go you can expect to be accepted and loved as you are!  We also trust in and expect to see God’s transforming power at work!

Sometimes stepping into a worship gathering can feel like stepping back in time.  Our faith is deeply rooted in tradition, but at Come2Go Ministries we are committed to living out an expression in worship that recognizes our heritage, and one that is also relevant in our current culture.  We are committed to having excellent, current music as part of our worship service and we believe that “come as you are” means much more than simply how we dress.  You are really welcome as you are!  We have a great team of musicians, Biblical teaching that is relevant to our day-to-day lives, and a casual atmosphere.  We also celebrate The Lord’s Supper each week.  Have we mentioned that EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

At Come2Go we believe that being a follower of Jesus… being a Christian is about so much more than just coming to worship on Sundays.  It’s more like being part of a movement.  We believe that the church can be, and was always intended to be, something different.  Jesus has shown (and is showing) us the best possible way to live and at Come2Go we are committed to exploring this way of life together. We believe that as we explore together what it means to follow Jesus it will be impossible to ignore the way God is working in our lives, in the lives of our friends and neighbors, in our community and around the world.  We intend to keep things simple.  In all that we do and will do we are trying to learn to Love God more deeply through worship, to Love others by walking alongside each other in close community, and to Serve the world by identifying and meeting the needs of those in our community and around the globe.  That’s who we are striving to become.

We would love to walk with you on this journey of faith. If you have more questions or would just like to talk, please contact us at info@come2go.org

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