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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Strength1January 20, 2018Details
Healing4January 18, 2018Details
contentment4January 18, 2018Details
Comfort in Grief4January 18, 2018Details
Encouragement and Financial provision4January 17, 2018Details
clear path4January 17, 2018Details
Encouragement4January 17, 2018Details
Transition to New Job4January 17, 2018Details
Health Wisdom and Courage4January 17, 2018Details
Endurance4January 17, 2018Details
guidance and balance4January 17, 2018Details
Guidance and Wisdom4January 17, 2018Details
Strength4January 16, 2018Details
General Prayer6January 16, 2018Details
Strength/Guidance5January 16, 2018Details
Peace5January 16, 2018Details
Financial7January 16, 2018Details
Health6January 16, 2018Details
Healing8January 9, 2018Details
Peace8January 8, 2018Details
Health & Healing10January 8, 2018Details
healing and comfort11January 6, 2018Details
Jane10January 5, 2018Details
Healthy Pregnancy10January 5, 2018Details
Clear Vision10January 5, 2018Details
Guidance in Grief10January 5, 2018Details
Encouragement and Financial provision10January 5, 2018Details
Health and Safety11January 5, 2018Details
Guidance, Peace and Good Health11January 5, 2018Details
Health11January 5, 2018Details


Andrew Harris
My friends daughter went to the lord last night. She had no brain activity for a week and had to let her go. Please please pray for them. Pray they have the strength to come through this together. This was their only child and their lives revolves around her.


anon anon
Prayers for healing for Ray and Wanda


anon anon
for Paul

Comfort in Grief

anon anon
for Rhonda and Nick

Encouragement and Financial provision

anon anon
for KB

clear path

anon anon


anon anon
for Dale

Transition to New Job

anon anon

Health Wisdom and Courage

anon anon
For Belle


anon anon
for Doug

guidance and balance

anon anon
for Nettie

Guidance and Wisdom

anon anon
for Noah


Andrew Harros
My friends daughter is in a coma from an accident, please give her the strength to recover and them the strength to make it through this

General Prayer

Darlene McKinley
Grumpy, Gary, Lillian, Penny, Darlene, Kat & Dave, Sterling & Cynthia, Steve & Cindi, Perry


Kathy Eib
Kathy, Chris, Brandi, Ray


Kathy Eib
Kathy, Chris, Brandi, Ray


Kathy Eib
Brian, Kathy, Ray


Kathy Eib
Brian, Kathy, Ray, Lee, Pastor Mike


Toby Pass
Please pray for healing of the cough and cold in our home. Thank you


Elizabeth...father had a fire at his home & it was destroyed. She lost all of her childhood treasures in the fire.

Health & Healing

Anonymous destroyed his home & he is in the hospital. Will soon be moving to an assisted living facility.

healing and comfort

anon anon
...for Ray and Wanda and Patty and family


anon anon
True Rest

Healthy Pregnancy

anon anon
for Kaleigh

Clear Vision

anon anon
for Sherry

Guidance in Grief

anon anon
for Dave

Encouragement and Financial provision

anon anon
for paul

Health and Safety

anon anon
for Sierra

Guidance, Peace and Good Health

anon anon


Jane anon
Pray for Tom and Shirley
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.


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