Our Story

Our Story

From it’s inception in 2003, Come2Go Ministries has always been about community. Beginning with musical expression as a common thread, c2g has grown from a small number of music lovers into a dynamic Christian community that is actively reflecting God’s love in their lives.

Come2Go claims a transformed warehouse as its home. Located on the edge of downtown Fort Wayne, this ministry is accessible by all, recasting the community of Christ in a relevant setting that comfortably accommodates an amazing variety of church activities.

We express our faith in the community through our GoTeams.  Teams of volunteers serve God by serving others by regularly feeding the homeless and under-resourced, at the Allen County Juvenile Center (Wood Youth Center), nursing homes, tavern bible studies and more.

Today, come2go meets weekly for worship, studying God’s word, encouraging one another in Christian community, praying fervently, giving freely, serving all people, and inviting everyone to know Jesus.

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