2017 Covenant Member Application

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Any follower of Christ is invited to become a Covenant Member of the Come2Go Ministries community. In covenanting with us, you both agree to and adopt our shared values. Covenant members are also allowed a vote in official church meetings and are eligible to be elected to the church board. This covenant can be renewed at the beginning of each year.  Together we covenant to:

PRAY: In prayer we nurture our relationship with God.  We share our innermost hopes and needs and we listen for God’s voice so we might respond faithfully.

WORSHIP: We gather for worship to join with other disciples to offer our praise, thanksgiving, prayers, and to celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

READ: The Bible is central to our life together as a community and as individuals. It is in God’s Word that we are hear God’s invitation and challenge for our daily life.

SERVE: One of the ways we express our faith in Jesus is by serving others.  Through the GoTeam ministries of Come2Go we live out our faith together.

CONNECT: We are created to live in fellowship with God and each other.  We are not merely a collection of individuals.  We are community following Jesus together. 

GIVE: Everything we have (our time, money, talents, possessions) is a gift from God. As we follow Jesus together we share generously of what we have.  We support the church financially as a way of resourcing God’s kingdom work in the world.

If this application is for you and your spouse, simply enter both names in the field. IE: Jim and Sally

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